The Gospel

The gospel is what we call the good news about Jesus, good news that affects the way we live our lives both for ourselves and for those around us…

  • God is all-powerful, eternal, self-existent and creator of all things.
  • He made us and did so because he wants us to be in relationship with him
  • We walked away choosing to do things our own way
  • Consequently the world is no longer what it was made to be. To put it another way; we are not right with each other, we are not right with this world and we are not right with ourselves. This is because we are not right with God.
  • Because of our sin against God and the pain we cause to each other, we are under God’s wrath.
  • Even though God is angry with us he loves us.
  • Jesus is God the Son. He came into the world being sent by the Father. He showed us what God is like and what it is to live for him. Most importantly he died for us.
  • In dying he took our punishment, and defeated our great enemies – Sin, Satan and Death.
  • Jesus was buried however he didn’t stay dead but rose victorious over death. The tomb was empty, and people’s lives were changed because of it.
  • Jesus appeared to his disciples and many others after this he ascended into heaven to be with his Father. He sent his Spirit to be with us.
  • One day Jesus is coming again and as judge and king. Then the world will be all that it should be and those who know and love him will enjoy his kingdom forever.
  • Being saved is about knowing Jesus. To do this we need to accept that we are sinners. Repent for shunning God and living for ourselves. Ask Jesus to be the king of our lives.
  • If you would like to know more about this, we would love to talk with you.
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