1. The Bible is the very word of God, recorded in history and preserved for our instruction and development.
  2. We believe in the one living God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as Creator and Lord of the universe.
  3. We believe that humanity, while once in perfect fellowship with God, has rebelled against him. This rebellion has resulted in our separation from God.
  4. Jesus Christ is the son of God who came to earth in human form, lived amongst us, was crucified, rose to life, and is offering to everyone a new relationship with the Father.
  5. God’s Spirit resides in all who have surrendered their lives to Jesus and he is uniting us and empowering us to live lives that please God.
  1. The church is composed of all who have surrendered their lives to Jesus as Lord and Saviour.
  2. We believe in gathering together to worship each week to celebrate our faith and to testify of God’s goodness and grace.
  3. We believe in the practices of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, in which we publicly profess our new life in Christ.
  4. We believe Jesus will return again to gather those who love Him and to restore all things to their proper order.