About Us

We aim to be a gospel light to the far southern suburbs of Adelaide and Fleurieu Peninsula.
We’ve been in the Southern Vales region for over 25 years.

Each Sunday we gather as a church community. We are people from Aldinga Beach, McLaren Vale, WIllunga, Sellicks Beach, the southern suburbs of Adelaide, wider Southern Vales region and all across the Fleurieu Peninsula and hills.

We are a member of Baptist Churches of SA and the National Redress Scheme.

We are a Gospel-Centred Church.

This means that we seek to make much of Jesus. Hence, we have a strong emphasis on the Bible as the Word of God. It features heavily in our services and is the foundation of our Bible-based preaching. We long for people to hear clearly what God has had to say over the millennia and how all of Scripture ultimately points to Jesus.

ABBC is an evangelical church made up of people from a broad range of backgrounds. The thing that binds us together is the belief that Jesus is the Son of God, who came into the world as a man in order to bring us into relationship with the Father.

Here is a list of our core beliefs to help you appreciate further who we are…


We are totally dependent on God; therefore, we acknowledge our need to seek God wholeheartedly in prayer, asking for his strength, guidance, provision, protection, forgiveness and intervention in the world, that his name might be truly glorified.


The Bible is God’s inspired word and is our authority in all things. As it is the word of God, we believe the faithful communication of Scripture will transform lives. Therefore, we are committed to the relevant exposition of Scripture as the foundation of worship.


Like Jesus we seek to know and love our community that people might see the love of God and hear the hope of the gospel that they might become genuine disciples of Christ. Like Jesus we desire that people of all nations would worship him; therefore, we support and send gospel-minded people into the wider world.


God is concerned not only for the salvation of souls, but also for the relief of poverty, hunger and injustice. Therefore, as stewards of all that God has blessed us with, we are to serve God with our time, talents and finances by generously giving for the promotion of the gospel. We must work for the eternal and common good and show our neighbours we love them sacrificially, whether they believe as we do or not.


The gospel is to be lived out within the context of community. Therefore, the church is to be a place where people are accepted, encouraged, nurtured, corrected and challenged; that ultimately, we may each be built up in Jesus Christ. We are to be a community that reflects his love to those around us.


Christ calls us to make disciples; this is a call to seeing people surrender their lives to Jesus in every aspect. Therefore, we endeavour to draw people to the word of God, so that they may hear the gospel clearly and live their lives under its authority. This is both God’s desire for his children and core to his strategy for reaching this world.


We long for joy and purpose in our lives and as such our lives are easily given to other things; this is the heart of idolatry. God is the only one deserving of our deepest devotion and he is the one we are designed for. In light of this, we seek to live our lives fully for him and seek to help others see that God is the all-in-all, the only one worthy of our praise, and that life is found in living completely for him.


We are about helping people become completely committed followers of Jesus Christ.

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